How SharePoint’s new Collaboration patterns helps to create easy collaboration method

Posted by HonoratoWhitney on 08:31 AM, 12-Dec-14

If a company has invested in SharePoint, it is likely to have put plenty of money, time and resources to the acquisition and deployment. Nonetheless, most organizations do not understand the vast number of features available at their disposal nor the way to best leverage the platform in order to maximize investment. The platform is so vast and offers a wide array of rich functionality and features. Most organizations use it as a glorified share and do not take advantage of content types or metadata for classifying and better organizing their information.

The business platform has come a long way in the last decade. Today, it is high time for business organizations and companies to realize its full potential and check out the new collaboration capabilities that it offers. Now, SharePoint 2013 provides intrinsic capabilities that are extremely flexible compared to the former editions. It allows one to keep documents entirely in the environment of the platform while extending them to new devices and people in a flexible manner.

The three most used patterns in any business include meetings, creation of content and content consumption. SharePoint helps to add value and increase ROI by its new collaboration patterns. The platform has a host of tools that could be used in keeping track of all aspects in meetings. These include notes, slides, minutes, document markups, whiteboard pictures and more. Meeting minutes could be collected in a workplace wherein docs could be stored and discussion groups may be used for collecting questions. Pictures could be uploaded for review.

One of the biggest hindrances for a successful collaboration is the lack of rules to what employees could contribute. SharePoint has various ways n which content could be made. For instance, Wiki pages could be made and edited by anyone so the most updated information exists. Document libraries could house documents of all kinds to be searched and indexed.

Indexing and tagging content on SharePoint is easy, thus it allows one to set up a managed Meta-data or utilize social tagging tools to created tags for content. Moreover, SharePoint Search allows using best bets and keyword to enhance the findability of content. The new collaboration patterns in the platform allows reviewing documents directly in a browser with no need to download a copy or a full version launch of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. SharePoint 2013 provides more flexibility. In SharePoint environment, collaboration sites serve as ways in which team share knowledge and information. Part of the collaboration infrastructure of the platform is using automated workflows. The workflows are leveraged to facilitate content maintenance and consist of creating, updating, reviewing and approving content before it is published.

SharePoint 2013 offers a more robust platform to connect and share with people across an enterprise as they work on a plethora of issues and projects within the firm. As a business platform and tool, it is extremely flexible and its documentation is so diverse and huge, that’s why developers should understand the different ways of making the most of it.

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